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    Health and Social Care students shine in UCAS process!

    24 January 2023

    Maisy Hansford and Bethany Reid, two Health and Social Care students from Burton and South Derbyshire College, are celebrating after receiving interviews and university offers the day after they submitted their UCAS applications.

    Both students are studying Level 3 Health and Social Care and have undertaken an industry placement with a local employer during their studies. Maisy worked in a care home during her placement and now has plans to become a midwife. She said: “I really enjoyed the industry placement – it taught me a lot of new things based on my skills and how to interact with new people. After college, I am going on to do midwifery at university. In the future I’d like to be a midwife and work my way up the ladder to go into different sectors of the midwifery role.”

    Meanwhile, Bethany undertook her placement at Queen’s Hospital Burton, which helped her realise the kind of career she would like to pursue. She said: “At that time, I thought I wanted to become a nurse, but working in that environment made me realise it wasn’t for me. Placement taught me a lot about my interests and what other careers are available to me. I asked professionals on the ward about different careers, and speech and language therapy came up.”

    Bethany is now going on to study a speech and language therapy degree at university and would like to be a speech pathologist in the future. She said: “I’d love to work with children and to be able to give someone back their voice or their independence. Speech and language therapy also involves working with children or adults who struggle with eating, swallowing and drinking – I think it will be nice to help someone regain that ability.”

    Starting in September, Burton and South Derbyshire College’s new T-Level Health course will provide students with a thorough understanding of the health industry and hands-on experience through an industry placement. The College’s full Level 3, two-year courses are equivalent to three A-Levels and can lead to a university level course or employment. 

    Both Maisy and Bethany are excited to progress to university to set them up for their future careers and are keen to promote vocational and technical courses as an alternative to A-Levels. Maisy commented: “I think many people have a stereotypical view of college that people don’t go on to university. It’s wrong – so many people have gone from college to university and have good careers. People think sixth form is your only option, but college is a great opportunity as well.”

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