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    Colleges embrace the future of the automotive industry

    05 April 2023

    A group of colleges in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire region are helping to lead the way in the latest developments in the automotive industry, after each securing a hydrogen fuel cell car as part of the Government’s Strategic Development Fund.

    Burton and South Derbyshire College, Chesterfield College and Nottingham College were recently presented with a Toyota Mirai at the Toyota Manufacturing UK plant in Burnaston. The Toyota hydrogen fuel cell cars have been presented to the colleges to help futureproof the skills requirements of the automotive industry.  

    As part of the Government’s Strategic Development Fund, a range of colleges in the D2N2 (Derbyshire/Derby, Nottingham/Nottinghamshire) region have collaborated to help support business growth and level up productivity across the region. The funding has been granted to ensure colleges and the motor vehicle industry are prepared for decarbonisation and an increase in hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles. 

    The vehicles will be used in the colleges’ motor vehicle academies as a training tool on motor vehicle courses, apprenticeships and specific hydrogen vehicle courses for technicians. The colleges are now developing a suite of innovative courses, working closely with employers to ensure they continue to deliver the skills of tomorrow. 

    The Toyota Mirai converts hydrogen into electricity in an advanced fuel cell, leaving clean water as the only exhaust pipe emission. Instead of being powered by electricity stored in a battery, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles produce their electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell stack. Refuelling their hydrogen tanks from a pump takes less than five minutes and drivers benefit from zero exhaust pipe emission journeys.

    John Beaty, Principal of Burton and South Derbyshire College said: “We are extremely excited to have worked collaboratively with other colleges in the region to secure funding that will help us leap forward with our motor vehicle provision, developing expertise in Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Electric Vehicle training. The project is also linked to the purchase of a Nissan Leaf electric car. Investing in advancing technology will put the College at the forefront of the motor industry, allowing us to delivery industry leading training courses. We firmly believe in aligning our curriculum with industry, and employers have been central to the design of our innovative, new courses and future plans.” 

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