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Being confident with maths and English is not only important for everyday life but it’s expected as standard in the world of work. We’re committed to ensuring our students have the full range of skills that universities and employers are looking for. 

If you have not already achieved a grade 4 (previous grading system: C) or above in GCSE maths and English, you will be supported to achieve these qualifications alongside your full time vocational course. 

If you have already achieved a grade 4 or above, you will study Employability and Life Skills. This will help you to apply your maths and English skills by covering a range of subjects, from writing CVs and personal statements to budgeting skills and understanding personal finance.

Maths and English is embedded within all of our courses, so you can be confident that you won’t have any gaps in your knowledge when applying for jobs.


Damien Goldrick, GCSE Maths

“I did a lot of extra lessons which really helped me to improve my maths skills. I can now move forward with a graphic design course in September. I would like to go into Games Design in the future.”

Caroline Acton, GCSE Maths & English

“I’m a manager of a pre-school, and after gaining my GCSE maths and English, I’m planning to study science, followed by a BA in Education and PGCE.” 

Arthur Ashton, GCSE English

“I’m dyslexic and college is really supportive in helping me work my way up to where I need to be. I started off with an E in English, and I’m now on the way to achieving a C!”

Karen Tear, GCSE English

“I’ve developed my skills so much in the time I’ve been here; I’ve gone from writing shopping lists to essays.”

Liam Mees, GCSE Maths

“I got an A grade in my maths GCSE and I am now taking GCSE English. It just shows what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.”

Hayley Pepperell, GCSE English and maths, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Passing GCSE English and maths has meant I can progress to an Access to Nursing course and I eventually want to become a clinical nurse specialist.

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Contact Details

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